What we do for Sellers

We list and market your business for sale. We help you determine a reasonable asking price for your business using our quick valuation formula. This may include selling your customers, active contracts, equipment, and furniture. It is your business, and you will ultimately make the final decisions.

Your fee for listing is $500 which will be applied to the total transaction cost at the time of sale. Your listing does not expire until you withdraw from the market or sell your business.

We attract interested buyers and connect them with you. We provide basic information about your business including metro area of the clients, types of contracts and customers, annual revenue, and whether the business is for sale or just the client list.

We provide you with initial forms and worksheets to help you value your business for sale. We optionally provide guidance to ensure your accounting and tax records are prepared for due diligence.

Your paid listing entitles you to complete privacy and anonymity while you go through the process of selling your company. Your customers, employees, and competitors will have no way of learning of your intentions as a result of your listing on our website. Your data is secure with us!

We do not offer services for preparing your accounting system for sales. We can connect you with competent accounting professionals who can help you for additional fees.

What we do for Buyers

We provide you with a searchable list of businesses for sale. When you find a business you are interested in, we will provide more information on that business as requested, such as number and types of customers/contracts, annual revenue, gross profit, net profit, equipment, software, etc. Upon payment of the initial deposit, we will make the initial introduction to the seller and provide you with document templates for Letter of Intent, Due Diligence Checklist and Request, and a Purchase Agreement if you choose to use our document templates.

Your paid subscription entitles you to review documents to determine if you are interested in pursuing a company for acquisition.

The Initial Deposit

The fee for our marketing services is $5,000. Prior to the initial introduction between a buyer and seller, each party will pay 50% of this fee. Sellers, your $500 listing fee is applied to this total. The money will be held in escrow until the sale of the business is final. At that time, the fee becomes the property of B Squared Services, LLC  (SellMyMSP). If the sale does not complete, the money is returned to each party, or kept in escrow for a future transaction, at your request.

We do not receive our fee until the business sale is final. Both buyers and sellers have no risk in placing the money in escrow.

Legal Advice and Representation

We are not business brokers. We do not represent either party in the transaction.
We are not attorneys. We offer no legal advice on any matter at any time. If you wish to have an attorney represent you in this important business matter, we strongly recommend it.

Our Privacy Policy

Our customers’ information is private. We will not release confidential information including names, addresses, lines of business, and proprietary information without your express written permission. We will not sell your name, email, mailing address, or company name to any list for any reason.

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